Sunday, March 12, 2006

Playing with my Palm

Some time ago a mate suggested that he wanted to buy a Palm PDA. I had never considered these devices before so I was most interested when he bought a Palm 505 and showed me what he could do with it. My first thoughts were that it was simply a glorified calender & address book - but then I learned there was much more to it. He listens to MP3's with it. He reads book on it. He reads the newspaper on it. He checks movie session times on it. He watches movies & TV shows on it. And it's fun to use!

So I took the plunge a year ago and bought a Palm Tungsten C.

I chose this one because my mate told me that Palm was the standard when it came to a PDA. They invented it and although there were many clones - you couldn't beat a Palm. He felt that the Palm operating system was easier to use and a more stable platform. Also, at the time, this was the only palm that had a keyboard built in and supported wi fi. As my home has wi fi I thought this better than the other models that only had bluetooth.

I really like the Palm I bought. I like the simplicity of the menu, read books and newspapers wherever I am, and am more organised than I ever was with the calender and address book. Reading books is fantastic! It doesn't matter where I am I can take the Palm out and read. Reading paper books relies on having enough light however the Palm is backlit so darker rooms are better.

A simple program that comes with the Palm is Notepad - where I can use the stylus to quickly and simply write whatever I want. So handy when I happen to be somewhere and I don't have a pen and paper nearby - and I just want to note something down.

Like many people I also have a mobile phone with a camera in it. Finding it cumbersome to carry both the phone and Palm everywhere I thought ... if only I could get a phone camera Palm all in one! At that time I saw that Palm were selling the Treo 600 and were about to update it to the Treo 650. Just what I need I thought.

Initial prices for the Treo 650 were $1200 so I waited until they reduced a bit - I eventually bought one from eBay for $665. So exciting. I powered up the Treo, synch'd it with Windows (and upgraded the software), inserted my sim card, took a couple of photos.

After using the treo for a couple of weeks I found:

on a daily basis the Treo would restart itself. At first I thought I had pushed the wrong button but it occurred too often for that. Checking the Palm Treo website revealed that this can occur when there are applications installed that are not fully compatible with the Palm Treo. Having installed all the applications I had on the Palm Tungsten C this told me that the Palm Treo was limited by compatibility issues - something I had assumed would not be the case as I was migrating from Palm to Palm.

I sold the Treo and have now resumed using the Tungsten C. The only sad thing being that the Palm sync software was changed for the Treo and now doesn't work properly with the Tungsten C.

Oh well - maybe it's time for another rebuild?

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