Friday, October 10, 2014

lentils and beans?

A question asked on a blog was "What vegetarian route can a person take who reacts badly to lentils and beans?"

And the answer from Dr. Kerrie Saunders aka Dr. Food.

As part of the plan protein powerhouses (beans, peas, lentils, and sprouts), we usually need to find a way to incorporate them, or the person gets blood sugar imbalance symptoms in my experience. Nuts and seeds also have nice amounts of protein, but packaged in more fat, which just doesn’t ‘feel’ the same way to people.

I have found sufficient beans, peas, lentils or sprouts is the foundation for a well-planned baseline food intake. The goal is typically 2 cups per day for men, 1.5 cups for women, and 1 cup for kids. Legumes average 26% calories from protein.

If the concern is a true allergy or hypersensitivity, consider serum IgG food testing.

The least allergenic bean to typically try first, is adzuki/adzuki beans. With 18,000 varieties of beans, peas and lentils to choose from, it is hard to get bored, and I have never had a patient allergic to all 18,000. Sprouts, hummus, lentils, pea soup, etc. can round out their attempt, usually. Eating beans WITH cheese is the worst combination I have heard of, because (cow) cheese is so toxic in a human.

Gas during the first 3 days of including sufficient and daily legumes is normal. It is because there are chemical components IN the legumes that attach themselves to toxins existing in the gut, and convert them to air. It is actually a normal detox process, and the cleaner the gut, the less gas is produced. The more toxic the gut, the more gas is produced. It usually only takes about 3 days for the average person to simmer down, typically. We say don’t blame the beans, blame the waste that was present before.

Rinsing the dry beans, cans or jars of beans, peas and lentils helps a great deal. The ‘gelatinous goo’ that surrounds them can be a cause of extra gas, and some companies ship their dry beans, peas and lentils in a fine layer of soap. Rinse all until the water is clear.